What to Expect

What can you expect from spiritual direction?

Most of us live in a way that is much smaller and more constrained than we imagined we would when we were younger. Over time, we learn how to shrink back from our dreams. We fall short of our soul’s desire. Deep down, however, the longing lives on, beating like a drum, waiting for us to hear it.

How do we open our ears to our soul’s desires? And why should we? Spiritual direction gives us a way to explore questions like these that go to the core of our being and – not coincidentally – our relationship with a higher power.

What is spiritual direction?

The spiritual director is a conduit between the divine and the seeker who yearns for a deeper, stronger connection with the divine. In fact, the true spiritual director is the divine. The role of the human spiritual director is not to give advice or solve problems. Instead, the director helps the seeker to become more aware of divine presence in his or her life, to respond to invitations to grow closer, and to make big shadows where there is plenty of room for the divine to movej within.

Together the spiritual director and seeker listen for divine presence the way a child watches an ant crawl on the sidewalk: with undivided attention and pure wonder.

What happens during the spiritual direction session?

Typically we’ll meet once each month, for an hour – in person, by phone or by zoom. I might start with a guided meditation, a reading or a music for reflection, but the focus of the session is on your needs, so if you prefer we can start by you sharing whatever is on your heart or mind.

Our 60-minute session can include talking, praying, sitting in silence, visualizing, or even creating. As an artist, I make available various tools and materials that you can use to open up and do some playful soul work in a safe, supportive environment.

How much does it cost?

My fee is $75 for an hour-long session. Since we typically meet just once a month, this fee is not usually a barrier. However, a sliding scale is available for those unable to pay the full fee.

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