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Water to Wine: Women in the Midst of Transformation

Are you in that awkward, vulnerable space of becoming the woman you were born to be? Two small, intimate groups of women going through a transformative period in their lives are now forming.

Some women may be going through transformation in response to trauma, loss, or significant events, while others may be responding to strong desires that keep knocking at their door. Each person’s path is unique. What will bring us together as a sacred circle will be a shared exploration of impediments to change and the need to find more freedom in following a path that is often difficult to see beyond today.

Each Water to Wine group meets monthly for 90 minutes. We begin each session with a guided meditation to help mind and soul reconnect with the body. During the remaining time together we share our answers to questions such as:

What is holding me back from wholeheartedly embarking upon the journey to transformation?
What does transformation mean to me?
What happens when my family and friends don’t support my transformation? How can we leverage our feminine and masculine sides to guides us through transformation?
How can we discern the difference between habitual, fear-based thoughts and feelings and the yearnings of our authentic self?

Each group is limited to 6 women.
Fee: $20 (sliding scale available)
Each group meets from September through May.

For more information or to sign up for the next group that forms, contact Wendy.