When to Consider

When is the right time to consider spiritual direction?

Everyone is on a journey. For those who recognize that journey as spiritual, traveling with a spiritual companion can help you navigate the way.

Spiritual direction is for:

  • Those who are leading a spiritual life
  • Those who are following some kind of spiritual practice, whether self-guided or formally structured in community
  • Those who want to grow their relationship with the divine

It’s not necessary to have a religious affiliation or to be regularly attending a religious institution. However, it is helpful to be connected with a spiritual community, to lift you up as you take the insight gained from spiritual direction and put it into action in the world.

You might consider working with a spiritual director if you:

  • Are uncertain about what you are being called to do or be
  • Want to grow your relationship with your higher power
  • Are experiencing difficulties – including boredom – with your prayer life or spiritual practice
  • Desire greater freedom to live authentically
  • Are longing to follow your soul’s desire and aren’t sure if you should or how to go about doing that
  • Want to live with greater awareness of the ways in which the divine moves in your life
  • Are meeting with a life or executive coach and want to experience greater transformation

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